Why Choose Us

Who we are

New Academy Charter School has created a student learning atmosphere that is unlike any other they have previously attended. From our staff and faculty to our classroom setting and supplemental services, everything at the school is designed to demonstrate a new approach to learning for young people who have rarely experienced academic success.

New Academy Charter School is licensed by The Pennsylvania Department of Education and staffed by certified teachers. Classes are offered in disciplines including math, science, English, social studies, and health/physical education. In addition, classes are designed in a manner to ensure individualized attention and focus.

For students who arrive at New Academy Charter School functioning below their appropriate grade level, we strive to accelerate their capabilities within core subjects by offering a comprehensive educational setting. Specifically, students benefit from supplemental services, including but not limited to tutoring, special education services, and instructional support.

Additionally, we offer a cooperative environment between all stakeholders involved in the student’s education. Our staff at New Academy Charter School is constantly communicating with parents, guardians and education and community support, enabling the students an opportunity to succeed. We also have a full behavioral support team and outpatient mental health clinic that operates within our school to work with our students and staff.

Our Mission

The mission of New Academy Charter School, based on the belief that all students can learn, is to produce citizens able to think critically and function successfully, with integrity, in a rapidly changing, highly competitive world. We accept the responsibility to prepare students for life-long learning by providing quality education through varied learning experiences in partnership with our community.

Our Vision

New Academy Charter School is a place where students can reach their full potential.  Every decision made will be based on what is best for our students.  We will support each other as we explore innovative ways to educate our students.  We are confident that the teachers here at New Academy Charter School are equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide an exceptional educational experience.

Students are a community’s most precious treasure. At New Academy Charter School, we believe that all students deserve a safe and loving place where each student is encouraged to grow to their full potential. An individualized approach to teaching addresses the unique needs of each student and helps the students to progress along their chosen pathway.  New Academy Charter School staff strives to instill a sense of grit and perseverance through the implementation of a growth mindset philosophy that provides students with a toolbox for success regardless of their chosen path.

New Academy Charter School believes in meeting students where they are, cultivating their unique talents and interests, and growing them to realize their full potential. Students leave New Academy Charter School armed with the knowledge and skills necessary for them to continue growing as individual learners so that they create a successful future for themselves and society in an ever-changing world.
New Academy Charter School will be the model of a learner-centered school

Core Beliefs

  1. Student Achievement is the most important thing. We must do it well.
  2. Our school is only as great as the people in it. There are no excuses!
  3. Each and every person and student at New Academy Charter School is significant. I matter. You matter. We matter.
  4. All staff must be a lead learner. It starts with school leaders. If you are a leader, do everything you can to grow yourself and create the right environment for others to grow.
  5. We will never give up on our students. Every child deserves an adult who will never give up on them.

Our History

New Academy Charter School was created in 2005 with the joint support of the Allegheny County Juvenile Court and the City of Pittsburgh Public Schools. Based on the Academy Schools’ successful tradition of providing juvenile offenders with opportunities for growth, development, and rehabilitation, the charter school was designed to create the same environment in a high school setting. When the charter school opened in 2005 with approximately 80 students, the objective was to provide opportunities for academic success to at-risk learners who had previously struggled with poor attendance, participation challenges and academic deficiencies in their traditional school environment.

Currently, our school caters to a diverse segment of students offering a unique and individualized academic opportunity that addresses the various challenges a student may have experienced thus far. From academic instruction to assistance with homelessness or food instability to mental health support, New Academy Charter School provides a holistic approach to make learning, growing and graduating a reality for any student.