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Education Enhanced by Collaboration, Communication and Specialized Instruction

Often our young men and women arrive at New Academy Charter School functioning below their age-appropriate grade level. To accelerate their skills in core subjects, we offer strong individual attention and supplemental services including, but not limited to, tutoring, special education services, computer-based remedial assistance and instructional support. Strong communication and collaboration among teachers and administrators is key to meeting the diverse needs of our students.

A Focus on Special Education

Approximately 60% of our students receive Special Education services. Under the supervision of our Director of Special Education, our trained staff determines their level of participation based on specific need and in consultation with parents and school personnel, as mandated by the state.

Guided by our belief that special education is a service, not a classroom or a place, our students’ academic performance blossoms when we integrate regular education with special education. We believe all children can learn. Our professionals create the unique, individualized plans that make that statement true for every one of our young men and women.

New Academy Charter School is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, overseen by Pittsburgh Public Schools and staffed by certified teachers. Classes are offered in disciplines such as Math, Science, English, Social Studies and Health/Physical Education. Elective classes such as Psychology, Art, Life Experiences and Cross Training are also offered.

New Academy Charter School’s annual commencement celebration is an extra special day for our students. Each June our graduation ceremony features special guest speakers such as former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Charlie Batch, as well as members of the Pittsburgh Public School Board. After the ceremony, graduates, families, friends and faculty are treated to a banquet dinner to celebrate their academic achievement.  This is the best day of each school year for all involved.

Do you know a young person who could be a part of New Academy Charter School’s next graduating class???

“All their lives, our students have been caught doing something wrong.
Our job is to catch them doing something right.”

Sam Costanzo, Founder & Chief Executive Director